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When looking for the best carpet cleaning Temecula has to offer, look for Precision Chem-Dry. We know that life gets messy.  We also know that everyone enjoys the feeling of a fresh and clean home.  Precision Chem-Dry is the best carpet cleaner in Temecula and the surrounding area, and we are committed to helping you feel the joy of a clean, fresh, and healthy home.  Let us teach you a little bit about common steam cleaning techniques, and how the Chem-Dry cleaning process is different and ultimately better.

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The Chem-Dry Cleaning Advantages - The Upside

Chem-Dry's cleaning process uses our exclusive formula The Natural® to clean in a much more productive way.  It uses the power of tiny carbonated bubbles to separate filth from carpet fibers, rather than .  Then just like in a soda, the bubbles rise to the top - carrying the dirt and other contaminants with them.  Now we use powerful suction to extract the moisture and now filthy solution.  Because we use an advanced soap-free cleaning solution, there is no sticky or dirt-attracting residue left on carpet fibers, and they are left in a condition like when they were new!

Temecula Information

The city of Temecula is arguably the only city in California to keep its aboriginal name.  It was originally inhabited by the Temecunga Native Americans.  Eventually the Spanish missionaries came and settled in the valley, and the conflicts ensued.  With the spanish and then european settlers making claims on the land, it is easy to see where friction could occur.  Ultimately treaties were signed however and the Temecunga tribe found harmony with the new faces.  Temecula has blossomed into a tourist attraction, in part due to the many vinyards the spanish settlers planted.  

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